About us

More than 35 years’ experience in inland shipping

Experience and passion

Trendco has been active in inland shipping for more than 35 years. With an experienced and professional team work is continuously done on performing the transports as effectively and efficiently as possible. The brokers are very enthusiastic and engaged and have an extensive background in inland shipping.


In order to perform the transports as effectively as possible all modern means of communication are used. Customers, barges, loading and unloading locations are constantly kept informed of the latest state of the transport.

The transport of mineral oils is performed by a fleet of modern double hulled tankers specially designed for high volumes during periods of low water levels. These barges are private owned and the sizes of the barges varies from 1.500 to 3,000 tons. The transports are performed by experienced and highly trained crews who know what they are expected to do.

Ready for the future

In 2023 a new company, Trendco Swiss is added to our business, as a result of which Trendco is ready for the future. Thanks to the team’s set-up, the lines are short and switching can be done rapidly.


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