Mission and vision

Trendco is a modern office.

Focused work

Trendco is provided with a fleet of green barges, which responds to customer requirements of environment, safety and health.

Mission and vision

The mission and vision may be translated into five core values or vision statements.

The policy is aimed at meeting the expectations of customers, so that they are always satisfied again about the services. Besides we are continuously working on improving the organization.

Trendco aims at zero incidents. Besides we are an open organization where we constantly continue to discuss and invest in safety.

The impact on the environment must be kept as low as possible. The majority of the barges that sail under the flag of Trendco have a Green Award, and innovation concepts are not evaded if the environment can be spared by them.

Efforts are aimed at enabling the business processes to run efficiently, as a result of which an optimum price-performance ratio is guaranteed.

Trendco’s policy is aimed at the development of new concepts and methods to make a contribution to the safety of people and the aquatic environment.


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